‘Stunning return by one of Scotland’s finest lyricists. 'Squall Echo Rale' is a memorable and moving collection, with the stunningly poignant 'Shrapnel' easily a contender for this year's finest song.’

‘Like Straw Woman, Squall Echo Rale is packed to bursting with quality songs that are instantly accessible. I did what I always do when reviewing albums. I played this through once, put it aside for a while and then played it again... The thing is I couldn't (and still can't) stop playing it. 10/10.’

Review Graveyard

‘Louise Connell is a shiny jewel on the UK music scene, one to restore faith in songwriting’s ability to constantly reinvent itself & also remain true to itself. She also possesses a keen ear for melody, which she infuses into her lyrics with the ease of a summer’s walk. To listen to Connell sing her songs is a highly recommended & sublime joy’

The Mumble

‘There's never a moment when she loses your attention. This is a triple treasure chest of discovery in one bundle of delight.’

Fatea Magazine

‘Squall Echo Rale is modern country classic featuring emotive lyrics showcasing the Airdrie songstress’s status as an extremely gifted songwriter.’ 

Discovery Music

‘Stunning, raw and authentically beautiful.’

MarkMeets Entertainment

‘One of Scotland’s finest songwriters, with one of the best songs of the night. One of the best lyrics I’ve heard from a Scottish artist in many a long year.’ 

Billy Sloan, BBC Radio Scotland

‘There is heart and there is warmth and there is integrity behind everything she does.’ 

Album Of The Week, BBC Scotland Roddy Hart Show

‘The new Louise Connell album is a revelation. Delicate, yet able to burst out when required.Connell has a wonderful set of pipes, the gentleness of that voice is her greatest strength, but when she lets loose, she can really let loose, Careful Unplanned, for instance has a wonderful hook. Where I'm From is a real favourite of mine, a sort of cross between Joni Mitchell and Suzanne Vega.’

‘A truly stunning body of work, that showcases Louise’s talents as a complete contemporary artist.’ 

Indie Minded

‘A beautiful, wonderfully performed album of timeless, gorgeous songs. 10/10" 

Review Graveyard

‘A quite beautiful album that runs the gamut from the pleasing toe-tapping pop song Golem to haunting ballads. Utterly enchanting.’ 

The Crack Magazine

‘A scintillating collection that will move your heart and engage your brain.’

The Yorkshire Times

‘Connell’s quaint, pure musical style has been winning over the ears behind BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 6 (including Lauren Laverne), and Radio X for some time now, and the release of her debut has been met with awe and excitement.’ 

GIGSLUTZ: Discovery Of The Week

‘Evokes echoes of the hauntingly beautiful voice of Eddi Reader but what really shines through is the sheer joy that Louise Connell portrays when she is making music.  The vocal delivery is flawless.’ 

Louder Than War

‘The 12 song set was a masterclass and hugely enjoyable for a crowd that included family, radio presenters, musicians and press; it also had fans. It had fans who sang every word and who lapped up every delightful moment. It had fans who weren't fans when they entered the venue but were certainly fans when they left.’ 

Patchchord News

‘Literate and fragrantly beautiful.’ 

Clash Music

‘A wonderful album from a performer and writer who has few equals.’ 

Music Musings and Such

I cannot begin to convey to you the layered genius of the lyrics. This song is the most beautiful I have ever encountered.’

‘Tender, nostalgic guitar playing with pure, enchanting vocals and lyrics.’ 


‘Captivating through her sound and in possession of a talent now rare in the industry, Louise Connell is one of the most promising artists of the present day, who deserves legions of success.’ 

Female First

‘stunning, timeless songs’ 

The Aussie Word (*****)

‘…an artist who will not only engage with her enchanting melodies, but will also provoke thought. This is such a beautiful and sensitive song. If it's not the vocals that get you, the music and wonderful production surely will. It's one of those songs that stops me from doing anything else, just to listen.’

Beehive Candy

‘a voice that would melt iron’ 


‘Whistle-and-bells sweetness with a lush sugar-coated vocal’ 

Four Culture

‘The rare form of artist who can blow you away with her lyrical intelligence, captivating vocal and unique delivery style’

Music News